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Saturday, 31 March 2018

EatPlayLove Adventures!!!

EatPlayLove Adventures!

This Thai-western family-friendly cafe combines three of the words that are dear to me; Eat, Play & Love. The is decorated with a wide array of things including craft books, colourful toys, cute stationaries and vintage retro utensils. This basically depicts what a dreamland would look like for a kid. Just look at the array of colours in the premise below!

Just a step in and the place is filled with kids of all ages & their families happily eating & playing (just like the name describes) Moreover, half of the cafe was booked for a kid's birthday party. But looking around the interior, the inner kid in me was coming out as many of my childhood toys & candies were around me stirring up a touch of nostalgia.

The paper airplanes, Chapteh, five stones, oh how those were the good times I had back when I was in primary school!

They even have sewing and colouring activities for the young ones! A great way to encourage creativity in them!

The menu serves up a mix of traditional Asian food (mainly Thai) & an array of western food for people with a different appetite! Their Asian food ranges from Thai green curry chicken Teriyaki chicken, Pineapple rice to Tom Yum soup while their western food features the good old mac & cheese, the classic spaghetti and even baked rice.

My friend and I ordered the Mac & Cheese & Teriyaki Chicken respectively. Based on aesthetics alone, the mac & cheese just looks like a classic mac & cheese but the teriyaki chicken looks colourful & appetizing! Taste-wise, the Mac & cheese was tasty though a tad salty for my liking and the teriyaki chicken was also good just that it was an average kinda good. Good news is the teriyaki chicken was quite healthy as there were a good serving of vegetables by the side & the chicken was grilled!

Overall, a place filled with fun to encourage family bonding all while eating, playing and loving each other!

Address: 28 Aliwal Street, #01-07, Singapore 199918
Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday & (11am to 9pm) Friday & Saturday (11am - 10pm) Closed on Tuesdays
Phone: 6444 6400

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