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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Rabbit Owl Depot Adventure!!!

Rabbit Owl Depot Waffle Adventure!

Oh when will my Ice-cream waffle cravings end? Who will know, till then though more ice-cream waffles posts are gonna come about here is one about Rabbit Owl Depot! Now, this is a place I'm surprised I haven't been to, as they have very good and really unique waffle styles! (Stay with me to find out!)

Rabbit Owl Depot or R.O.D for short started as the owners of the cafe called each other ‘Oot-Oot” and ‘Bit-Bit' during courtship as nicknames. What a sweet story to accompany more sweet treats below! The cafe was decorated with tiny rabbits & owls toys and even subtle hint of those animals in the form of tables looking like cargo containers, to seats with long ears.

Their coffee beans are from Columbia & Sumatra but for coffee they were a tad pricey even for a cafe. Instead, my friends and I came for the... you guessed it! Ice-cream waffles! I had the Croffles with a scoop of ice-cream, and if you're wondering what are croffles, they're a combination of croissant & waffles.

Feeling my sweet-tooth needs to be treated, I had my croffles with wildflower honey & I even added an organic honeycomb as an extra topping! I selected Milk Honey as my honey flavour to complement my set! My friends ordered a Croffles set with chocolate sauce & chocolate chips but did not add any ice-cream, and their signature snowflake waffle triplets which consist of 3 types of waffles and they are Original, cookie butter & bamboo charcoal waffles.

(Honey milk ice-cream with organic honeycomb croffle)

(Chocolate chips croffle)

(Waffle triplets)

Personally, I prefer the taste & texture of the normal waffles but the croffles were a unique twist to the traditional waffle, for those who are bored of the average waffle taste & texture, croffles are your best bet to heighten your experience!

Rabbit Owl Depot
Address: 420 North Bridge Road #01-06 Singapore 188727 (Bugis MRT, opp National Library, diagonally opposite Bras Basah Centre)
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily
Phone: +65 63364075

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