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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Thus Coffee Adventure!!!

Thus Coffee Adventure!

New Cafes are popping up all over Singapore and thus -Thus Coffee was born at upper thomson residing near Sembawang Food Centre. (Bad pun intended)

Immediately the charm of this quiet but lively neighborhood entranced me, filled with people of all ages; kids playing at the playground and elderlies drinking their kopi (black coffee) at the food centre gives a very happy vibe to me.

Thus Coffee has a calming aura surrounding it, perfect for having a morning brunch or afternoon tea with your loved ones. It is also a great place to have a nice warm cup of coffee on a cold rainy day as their coffee is brewed with a special blend of Guatemala and Blue Java coffee beans.

Went there for an afternoon brunch with Jermay and the weather was so hot I had a change of plan and not have a hot drink like i planned to. The atmosphere of the cafe was cheerful and christmas-sy as there were subtle christmas decor all around the spacious cafe.

After discussing about what is good in the menu and our appetite, we decided to order a Prawn Aglio Olio and a classic truffle fries as a side. As the weather is warm, we decided to buy a iced chocolate and a white coffee mocha to go with! 

Food Menu

Drinks Menu

The food arrived in a short period of time even though the cafe was quite filled and I was pleasantly surprised by the mirage of colours on my plate of linguine. It had a variety of colours and was well dressed with olive oil and freshly cracked black peppercorns. For  $17 you'll get a filling plate of pasta with a generous amount of tiger prawns and mushrooms!

 Look at the prawns and mushrooms all around the pasta!

The truffle fries were priced at $10, an average price for a cafe truffle fries as they usually set your wallet back around $8-$14. Again, a generous portion more than enough for two people but they taste like your average truffle fries, nothing bad if you love the usual truffle fries. The drink are great as the iced chocolate has the right amount of sweetness to it and the coffee was well roasted which made it smooth and earthy, it was also not too bitter or acidic, Kudos to the barista!

Grapefruit Oasis (Homemade grapefruit juice with zesty soda)

Overall, a humble and lovely cafe in a tranquil area of central Singapore! Wholesome, hearty food served in this robust, down-to-earth cafe with friendly staff and excellent customer service! Would love to try their hot drinks next time when the weather is right!

Thus Coffee
Address: 4 Jalan Kuras Singapore 577723
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Tues – Sun). Closed Mon
Phone: +65 8411 7565

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