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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Mukshidonna Adventure!!!

Mukshidonna Adventure!

Let's welcome Mukshidonna to Singapore!!! Mukshidonna originates from Korea and specializes in serving Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) but touted themselves a Tteokbokki Restaurant. They are currently housed in E! Avenue at Downtown East which is beside E! Hub.

Mukshidonna means Eat (Muk), Rest (Shi), Pay (Don), Leave (Na) which translate to “Have your food, pay and leave”. It is also Halal certified so Muslims friends can enjoy some bubbling sweet & spicy Korean stew!

Tteokbokki is a type of cylinder-shaped boiled rice cake, and is a quintessential Korean traditional street food which has a unique chewy squishy texture when chewed!

When you order, tteokbokki and fish cakes will be included but you can choose from a variety of soup bases, types of noodles and a range of savoury toppings for $3 each. So go ahead and customise your pot to your liking! Oh, but wait you cannot dine alone as you need a minimum of 2 to dine, so do bring along a friend or your loved ones.

The basic tteokbokki base is $13.90 per pax and add-on ingredients are priced at $3.00, from Ramyeon, beef bulgogi, mandu (2 pieces), fried squid rings to even scallops (2 each). I highly recommend adding the cheese for $3 as it takes the experience to a whole new level, trust me. As the soup base thickens as it boils, the melty cheese will engulf your noodle making the whole pot into a viscous cheesy melting pot of ingredients! The sweet and mildly spicy broth is really tasty as it has just the right amount of spice to it but it could be a tad sweeter to my liking.

Look at the cheese!!!

The taste of the broth was well complemented by the cheese and the joy of having a warm broth on a cold rainy day was one to remember! The ramyeon was great as it had the right amount of springiness and was not too soggy and the amount of beef bulgogi and sausages were very generous as every mouth of ramyeon I had has its fair amount of meat in it. The ramyeon was so good that one of my friends asked the waiter for the packaging of the noodles.

If you are still hungry, you could even add on fried rice ($5) or cheese fried rice ($7) to your pot to sizzle with your leftover gravy! Highly recommend for tteokbokki or Korean stew lovers but I personally think it is quite costly, but go ahead and be your own verdict!

Mukshidonna Singapore
Address: Market Square @ Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue #02-324 Singapore 519599
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00pm Daily
Phone: +65 63868562

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