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Sunday, 3 December 2017

CoffeeSmith Adventure!!!

CoffeeSmith Waffle Adventure!

This korean coffee chain finally has an outlet in Singapore! Situated on the ground floor of Orchard Gateway, This cafe has a chill and friendly vibe to it, the stone wall and wooden d├ęcor compliments it even more! The scent of freshly roasted coffee while being seated in this cozy 40 seater cafe is absolutely heavenly especially after a long day of shopping in orchard.

After a long and hectic day at school and hours of walking around orchard, my friend Brandon and I settled down at CoffeeSmith to rest our tired legs and to get a quick bite. After a quick scan of the menu, price-wise it was slightly more expensive as compared to Starbucks but hey you gotta treat yourself once in a while.

Since we were feeling slightly more hungry than thirsty, i got the Smith Waffles ($10.90) and my friend got the Cuppacino waffles ($14.90). Till now I have yet to satisfy my Waffle cravings!

The Smith Waffles were CoffeeSmith's basic go-to waffle. They were the typical average waffle served with whipped cream & syrup but the Smith Waffles were far above average. The waffles were denser than the average waffle but it was still super fluffy which was contradicting but I like it that way! The waffle also had a nice shell to it for that small crunch factor every waffle should have! The whipped cream was made in house as it was milkier and creamier than the store bought kinds. The fruit syrup is also yummy and compliments the waffle well. Pictures of the Smith Waffle below!

Smith Waffles ($10.90)
Served with fresh whipped cream and fruit syrup

Next up was the slightly more pricey cuppacino waffles! They were served at a premium of $4 as compared to the Smith Waffles but for that price you get a coffee infused waffle batter and an extra two scoops of ice-cream which i would say is worth the upgrade! They did not specify the ice-cream flavour but I guessed it was milk flavour as it had a nice milky taste that was neutral enough to compliment the waffle and let the waffle take the spotlight! The waffle was unique as they impart the coffee flavour in the waffle by adding freshly brewed coffee in the waffle batter, this adds another depth of character in the waffle providing an edge over ordinary waffles served in cafes! However an area to improve on was that the taste of the strawberry syrup was slightly overpowering the waffle and could be put in a seperate bowl instead of on the base of the serving plate. Pictures of the Cuppacino waffle below!

Cuppacino Waffles ($14.90)

Served with two scoops of Ice-cream, fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup

Overall I would recommend this cafe and to try their cuppacino waffle! Great for shopaholics who needs a coffee break!

CoffeeSmith Singapore
Address: 277, Orchard Road #01-09A, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Phone: +65 8399 7900
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00am (Sun – Thurs), 24 hours (Fri – Sat)

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