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Thursday, 7 September 2017

CSHH Coffeehouse Adventure!!!

CSHH Coffeebar Adventure!

Exam's out so gather your friends for some food adventure! Lets start by visiting one of the many cafés of lavender! This time, Chye Seng Huat Hardware will be taking the limelight! This industrial- chic spot located in a former hardware store offers freshly brewed gourmet coffee, draft beers and eclectic eats! More on their history on their website listed at the end of the post!

Once you step into the café the first thing you'll notice is its rustic american-coffeehouse inspired decor. What's more amazing is that the coffee brewing is done in the middle of the café!

The menu rotates seasonally, keeping up with seasonal trends and making things unique. We ordered three dishes, the Iberico Pork Rack ($24), Teriyaki Salmon Donburi ($19), Soy Glazed Chicken Burger ($20).

While the food was being prepared, I could not help but feel uplifted by sweet aroma of the coffee brewed right under our noses. 

First came the pork rack! It was served with wine braised red cabbage, grilled baby romaine lettuce and mushroom cream sauce. It was fairly average and it was relatively costly at $24.

Next came my salmon donburi! Sous-vide salmon served with Japanese rice with wasabi mayo, avocado, tamago and picked radish. For $19 it was reasonable and definitely worth a try!

Lastly but certainly not the least came the Soy glazed chicken burger! Home-made soy glazed chicken patty with shredded red-white cabbage and citrus dressing on a burger bun. Instead of the conventional burger-fries combination it was served with a side of tempura oyster mushrooms! Presentation-wise it was average but taste-wise it was nothing short of a "foodgasm"! The tempura mushrooms were not greasy and considering the fact that I don't really fancy mushrooms, I found it really good!! The soy glazed chicken was also really good! (Who doesn't like soy chicken??)

My friends and I came to our consensus, agreeing that the worth it winner of the trip goes to the Soy Glazed Chicken Burger! At $20 for the burger and the tempura mushrooms it was really worth and I would highly recommend this!

Overall it's a beautiful café and it is a definite must go whenever you are in the area!

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207563
Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday (9am to 10pm)
Last order for food - 9:30pm | drinks - 9:45pm
Friday & Saturday (9am to Midnight)
Closed on Monday
Phone: +65 6396 0609


  1. Wow.. always wanted to go there, but never really make the plannings. Looks droolicious!

  2. Thanks for sharing, saving your post as am traveling to spore end of this year so that can enjoy the salmon donburi ya :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    1. Yup, hope you enjoy your self here! Many cafes at this area!