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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Fine Line Beer Adventure!!!

The Fine Line Beer Adventure!

Another food adventure that was unplanned! Initial plan was to celebrate my birthday at Timbre+ with my secondary school clique but apparently it was not open on Sundays :(

Since we were already at One-North MRT , we headed to Holland Village as it was only 
2 stops away. We were spoilt for choices as there were a variety of restaurants, bars, cafés and bistros to dine at. We just walk and admired the buzz of the nightlife of this scenic neighbourhood, till we crossed The Fine Line. And how lucky were we! They were having 1 for 1 mains and also happy hour! How can we say no to that!

We got a few pints of Erdingers to drink and we ordered pizza to share. Beers and pizza were 1 for 1 so the pizza cost about $9 each (usual $18) we had pepperoni pizza & hawaiian pizza. That was just the appetisers, as we ordered the mains after chit-chatting and catching up on life! I ordered the Beer-battered Fish & Chips while my friends ordered The Line burger, The TFL burger and the Carbonara!
I found the pizza was fairly average. The topping they used were good quality but the pizza crust ; some people like it crispy, some like it bready and some like it cakey. Their's were thin and crispy but because it was so thin, it was soggy in the middle. 

The burgers were good but not as good as some burgers I tried before! (Hint hint one of my previous post) The beer battered Fish & Chips was nice and crispy with good texture and flavour! Fish was fresh and batter was nice and crispy!

But that's not the end of the story! The owner of the bar had a locked door that they have been trying to unlock (they accidentally left the key in the room) and the owner said that if we could unlock the door, we can get a pint of Erdinger on the house! Thankfully one of my friend is very techy and somehow had his toolbox with him ( I don't know why) , after a few minutes of playing with the lock, he somehow manages to open it and viola! Erdinger on the house!

One of the most unusual but unique experience of a bar in my life!

The Fine Line
Address: 23 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277682, Singapore
Opening hours: 12.00pm - 01.00am
Phone: +65 90625312


  1. This looks like a perfect hangout place with buddies. Somehow I have never visited Holland village for food yet even after so many years. Must go soon!

  2. Is there a certain timing for their Happy hours and when will the promotion be until for 1-for-1 deals?

    1. Hmm I'm not sure about that! I'm pretty sure its a periodic time limited thing as they also have 1 for 1 in the past!

  3. Wouldnt mind trying this even if got beer. As long as food is edible hahaha

  4. Food looks great..and the place kinda look charming.. would love to check it out when am down south in Singapore

  5. I haven't been here but looks like a great place to hang out with beers and pizza! Will check it out 😊

  6. I haven't been here but looks like a great place to hang out with beers and pizza! Will check it out 😊