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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

CHIJMES Portuguese Eggtarts Adventure!!!

CHIJMES Portuguese Eggtarts Adventure!

Exam period conflicting with my blog time, no time for a full on food blog but here's a short review on "Original Portuguese Egg Tart" at CHIJMES! Apart from the buffets, seafood and alcohols found in this scenic historic building complex, a quaint egg tart stall can be found in CHIJMES!

These angels were selling for $2 a pop instead of the usual $3.50 per eggtart as it was super near closing time! My friends and I got one per person totaling 5 egg tarts for $10.

These Portuguese egg tarts were freshly baked in the oven and were still warm! These shortcrust pastries filled with rich eggy custard were delightful! These egg tarts originate from Portugal and these were from a company making these since 1835!

Right from the first bite, the first thing that hits me is how well the shortcrust pastries were made. It was slighly crisp and flaky! The egg filling reminded me of  a Crème brûlée as it is has a nice caramelised top with a rich and creamy centre!

I would say its worth a try when you are at CHIJMES!

CHIJMES (Original Portuguese Egg Tart)
Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996
Phone: 6337 7810


  1. These look delish...
    I have always loved egg tarts.

  2. Wow.. 5 egg tarts for $10 is too worthy, especially buying in Chijmes.. So much of a good deal.