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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

One Place Burger Adventure!!!

One Place's Burger Adventure!

Okay, I'm just gonna cut straight to the point here. THE BURGER HERE IS DAMN GOOD, like legitimately good.

I know bar foods serve like comfort foods and all but the burger I had here was not comfort food but it was luxurious food ; pure luxury period

How I got to the bar, the story goes like this. My friends and I actually went to another restaurant to eat but then it was very close to last order and closing time soooooo we bailed HAHAHA,thus we ended up at this bar, One place bar & bistro! 

Fairly average/expensive bar menu (Mains costing average $18-$30) but the thing is with the app "Fave" by groupon, any burger here cost $12.90! Drinks included! (The burgers here cost $19-$29) So why not?
Got myself the signature burger ( Seared wagyu patty glazed with kabayaki sauce, top on bonito flakes, sesame seeds, kimchi and scallions)

I wasn't setting my expectations too high as most burgers I had recently in Singapore was very mediocre and with the price I'm paying that was $12.90, not much would be expected.

When the food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the aesthetics of the burger. Not much aesthetics can be presented from a burger but heck, the made it look good. My friends ordered the Nacho burger (Pan seared Wagyu beef patty top with guacamole, tomato salsa, cheese sauce and corn chips) and the BFC burger (Pan seared wagyu beef patty layered with bacon, fried egg and cheddar cheese).
The burgers were served on hot stone liked plate with fries and garden salad on the side. The salad was very fresh and served with roasted sesame sauce!

From the first bite of the burger I was captivated by it, not even exaggerating. It was so good that I was in awe! I kept complimenting the burger even my friends got annoyed with me oops :p
Needless to say I highly recommend this page and I will definitely come back here again! GUYS REMEMBER TO USE THE FAVE APP FOR THE OFFER! IT'S REALLY WORTH IT!!!

Addess: 273 Jalan Kayu, 799501
Phone: +65 6555 6539
Opening hours: 6pm-1am (Mon to Fri & Sun)  6pm-2am (Sat)


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