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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Kyushu Pancake Adventure!!!

Kyushu Pancake Adventure!

Ever had Pancakes? Well of course you have right, but have you tried japanese Kyushu Pancakes with white wine honey?!

These super fluffy and delectable babies are located at the heart of Novena along Thompson road. Craving sweet or savoury pancakes? Fret not ,their wide range of pancakes has both! From savoury items such as fried chicken, Arrabatia, eggs & bacon, sautéed onions, bechemal sauce to sweet items such as ice-cream, fruit syrups, white wine honey and even matcha mont blanc! Certainly a treat for those with a sweet tooth!

This Café had nice wooden decor similar to those cozy inns in Japan! Looking at the menu, I was spoilt for choices! After pondering for quite a while, I decided to go for the recommended "Kyushu Good OL' classic" which are Pancakes with white wine honey & Strawberry syrup!

When it came, it was as pretty looking as the ones in the menu's picture! Fluffy and golden brown! Just the way I like it! Served with a small block of butter and whipped cream with the two small cups of syrup by the side! The butter and whipped cream was an excellent with the pancakes! The two syrups by the side was just a touch of heaven add on to it! The strawberry syrup was made by real pureed strawberries, not the artificial red goo you see in a typical strawberry syrup, and the white wine honey was nothing I've had before in my life! It was sweet and with a taste of alcohol, it was really good and I can't exaggerate more.

I highly recommend these place to everyone especially pancakes lovers and matcha lovers!

Kyushu Pancake
Address: 275 Thomson Road, Novena Regency #01-08 (Singapore 307645)
Operating hours: Open daily 11am - 9pm

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